"Our Thoughts on Aging"
interview project

In 2010, I started an independent research project and interviewed people over 21 years of age about their fears, beliefs, experiences and perspectives on aging, death and dying.

The interviewees were people of all ages, from twenty-somethings right through to ninety-somethings. They were from across Canada, the United States and Europe.

I transcribed each interview, sent it to the individual for their edits and approval, then posted it to my blog, Life Changes. The process was just between the two of us. Each conversational interview was an incredible experience, filled with wisdom, courage and generosity.

By 2013, thirty interviews were completed. When no one else volunteered to participate, the project stalled and I became stuck, not knowing what to do. Then something happened in my life that showed me what needed to happen next. Sixteen participants agreed to collaborate with me to story their interviews into a book, along with my own story, that will be published in 2017.

These collective stories about taboo topics — aging, death and dying — from people of all ages make this book project powerful, perhaps even extraordinary.

"As I Get Older"
Reading through the thirty interviews, I noticed that a few of the questions about aging generated lots of responses, over 170, that were positive and appreciative of getting older, from people whose ages ranged from 20-somethings to over 90 years. After listing them out, there were several themes among them. The collective wisdom, positivity and inspiration about aging have been developed into greetings cards and a poster. Come on over to see them at The Store.