It’s Breath-Taking

So much is changing in our world and with such rapidity – it’s breathtaking, literally. It can take your breath away from you. Recently, I attended a tele-class seminar (a class held via conference call) with 40 participants  from around North America and the topic was about how to stay inspired all year. What a fabulous concept – having a class by phone from the comfort of your home, no small wonder in the darkness of January. It certainly promotes accessibility and life-long learning, doesn’t it? 

The facilitators, Leslie Lupinsky, MCC, and Susan Strasburger, PhD, presented the idea of agility and how to apply it to our professional and personal selves.  Defining agility as nimbleness, quickness, flexibility & discernment including resistance and self-criticism, there was a discussion of how to stay present and calm amidst change, chaos & negativity around and within us, and that one of the most powerful tools we have is our own breath.

We try really hard to stay agile – consider the numbers of yoga studios and proliferation of brain gym and brain fitness programs. The desire to stay flexible, and physically and mentally supple is all around us.

Now how about our agility when it comes to trying something new or when it comes to dealing with change? How agile are you when you’re out of your comfort zone?How agile are you when it comes to changing your attitude or perspective to look at new possibilities?  Our agility can get really tested when we reach beyond what is familiar.

And so as both yogis and master coaches teach us, reach as far as you can - without injuring yourself - and breathe. Then, when you’ve grown comfortable in that position, reach even further and keep breathing…