Are We "There" Yet?

“There” could be anywhere really – the Olympics, a travel destination, springtime, summer vacation, a (wedding, graduation) celebration, the weekend, Home, retirement, a weight loss goal, the completion of a project, etc… Usually the goal or dream of “There” is quite thrilling, or at least more thrilling than “Here”.   So often we want to get “There” and miss out on experiencing and enjoying “Here”.  Our awareness and wonder is stolen away from this moment and focused on the future.

Oftentimes, we push through until we reach our destination that we miss out on realizing and celebrating our wins along the way.  Imagine celebrating the small victories and enjoying each hard-earned step that’s been accomplished.   Those small victories take work – usually very hard work – and will take you to your finish line.  It’s work because it’s rarely a smooth ride – bumps and turns, blocks and hits, rejections and no’s, monotony and boredom - all sorts of obstacles make it challenging.  And those small wins keep you motivated, build your confidence and sustain your momentum.

When you have a project or dream, you are a leader.   You’re the leader of your  dream.  Whatever the goal or dream of “There” may be, appreciating the journey to get “There” will have you enjoy your “Here” and “Now”.

"It is good to have an end to  journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end."  Ursula Le Guin