Olympic-Sized Inspiration

With this being the eve of the Winter Olympics, it seems only befitting to talk about Champions and the power of inspiration. There is so much about the Olympics that’s compelling:

  • The call to lay down arms in the name of peace during the Olympic Games.
  • The healthy competition between countries, teams and individuals.
  • Elite athletes competing against each other and themselves, often in the face of incredible odds and adversity.

The Olympic Games offer us a glimpse at individuals and teams who raise the bar to an unbelievable level, one that inspires awe and wonder. They’ve learned how to get out of their own way, something most of us aspire to, and they take no excuse as a way out.  The desire exists to find the easier route, the magic pill, the most powerful technology that will help them get to that finish line first but it may also call their values into question.

The goal for Olympians is so thrilling, so inspiring that it demands everything of them and asks them to live, breathe and sleep their goal.  I’ll bet they’ve mastered how to say no – to people, to fun, to pleasure, to opportunities - for the sake of achieving this Olympic dream.

Imagine having an Olympic-sized goal for yourself and your life – like making a difference in your community, excellent health, a fulfilling career, a spectacular retirement, mastering a skill or creating something special (project, gift, event, ritual, legacy).   Imagine the passion, perseverance, and focus you would need to get to your finish line.  What would you say no to and what would help you stay inspired?