Visioning Your Desired Self

Have you ever daydreamed and imagined your ideal life or the most powerful version of you?  Perhaps it’s achieving your dream cause or going on your dream vacation, finding your dream mate, imagining delivering a powerful speech, imagining your body feeling and looking great in beautiful clothes…Well then you’ve been visioning and visualizing. There are two well-known applications for visualizing our dreams – athletes who visualize and imagine themselves competing (and winning) in their perfect race and people who are wanting to lose weight and visualize themselves at their ideal or healthy weight.  The more we can visualize our dream or goal and use as much detail as possible to imagine it, the more our brain believes that it is real.  Our minds cannot tell the difference between what is visualized and what is real so it believes that our vision is our reality.

Visioning is a powerful tool used in coaching to help people imagine, create and clarify their big, juicy dreams.  It has us tap into our right-brain creativity and imagination to energize our goals.   There are many applications of visioning and one of them that I use is creating a vision board.  It’s a powerful and fun process that integrates our conscious and subconscious desires and takes them from our mind’s view to projecting them externally into an artful collage using images, text, colours and whatever else shows up from our imagination.

Here are some wonderful resources about vision boards:

Joyce Schwarz has written a beautiful book called Vision Boards: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.  You can find out more at her website.

Jack Canfield is a success coach, motivational speaker and author and also has wonderful resources for visioning and vision boards.

Check out this creative application of a vision board – Celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber had her vision board mounted on her yoga mat – here’s a video of her beautiful vision for herself.  Every time she does yoga on this vision mat, her mind incorporates the images, inspirations and dreams she has for herself – talk about a spiritual workout!

You can imagine all the possibilities of visioning tools – onto your mug, placemats, tote bag, screen saver, the list is endless.  You can also simply keep it as it is, on your board and in your environment so that you can see it and take it in.

If you're curious and want to experience this first-hand, I lead vision board workshops in Toronto. You can check my events page for upcoming events or subscribe to my newsletter below for future events.

If you’ve never created a vision board, come and try something new, creative and fun! And if you have created one before, here’s a chance to reveal a new layer to yourself. There are new realizations and more beauty waiting to be discovered.  Contact me to find out more.