A Gift for Life’s Transitions

Transitions happen to all of us – they come with changes, some without choice, that have our lives and age reflected back to us:

  • Moving into your first apartment, moving out of your apt. into a mortgage-owned house,
  • Starting primary school, graduating from university,
  • Entering puberty, starting menstruation, menopause,
  • Starting your first job, retiring from your final paid job,
  • Having children and then later emptying the nest.

With every transition there is a beginning and an ending. It’s strange to think that even with a happy transition there’s a loss.  There’s a loss of one identity as you move towards another. Being promoted, or pregnant with your first child, or retiring - mean that you’re taking on a new identity and role, and losing an old one.

A suggestion for a powerful present you can give to someone you care (including YOU) about who is going through a life transition is a journal.

You’d be giving the gift of creativity, exploration, adventure, health, growth, learning and a powerful way to cope with the ups and downs of transitions.

There is an incredible process that takes place during transitions – like new shoots that grow on a plant.  We realize new growth and aspects of ourselves that we never knew before.

A journal is a magical place to capture that growth and learning – it’s a place to write, draw, collage, muse, rage, cry, dream, imagine and play.

Here are some recommended items for your gift package, whether for yourself or someone else:

  • A journal without lines, one that can fit into a bag/purse. You can even make your own journal see the Remains of the Day e-course with Mary Ann Moss at her Dispatch from LA blog,
  • Different coloured pens, markers and/or pencils,
  • Scissors,
  • Double-sided tape and/or glue stick,
  • Anything else you like.

The instructions are simple:

  • Journal whenever you feel like it – every day or whenever you need or want to, you can write one word or two, or draw, doodle,
  • Maybe you want to cut out images or pictures or words and glue them into your journal,
  • You can include an article, comic strip, photo, art, quote, note, card, anything really,
  • Continue to add anything that stirs your curiousity and soothes your heart...

You can also include a few sentence completion cards to get the journaling started…

  • One thing I’m grateful for (during this transition) is...
  • The most surprising thing (about this transition) is…
  • What I want to remember about this transition is…

Two well-known experts who have written great books about transitions:

  • William Bridges Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes 2nd Ed.
  • Martha Beck Finding Your Own North Star:  claiming the life you were meant to live

"Life is not about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself."  George Bernard Shaw