Enchantment isn't only for fairy tales

Enchantment is a quality that seems both whimsical and necessary. It’s defined (www.dictionary.net) as: “That which captivates the heart and senses; an influence or power which fascinates or highly delights.”

It engages all of our senses and offers an experience that is joyful and memorable. Perhaps, more importantly though, enchantment helps us to balance out the fear, disconnection, apathy, suffering, conflict and frustration that exist within and around us.  Artists, creatives and the creatively-minded are particularly gifted when it comes to fascinating and captivating us and it’s likely because they offer us an opportunity to re-connect to our selves, both in the delight and in the pain.

Enchantment needs creativity, imagination and passion to breathe life into it and it can include other elements too: generosity, spontaneity, romance, beauty, charm, playfulness, flow and warmth.  It comes alive in the act of sharing, connecting and being fully engaged in an experience.

Here are 11 examples of enchanting ideas and items, some of them borrowed from inspiring beings:

  1. Going on a picnic with blanket, delicious food and company.
  2. Being on a swing, porch, or lounge alone, with someone or during a sunrise/sunset.
  3. Purchasing a bag of rose petals from the local florist and putting them in and around your bath, decorating dessert platters and birthday cakes
  4. Attending cultural events – film, theatre, concerts, dance, art exhibits, literary readings – and enjoying a nibble and a swish after to discuss the experience.
  5. Wearing gorgeous colours.
  6. Re-using it into something even better.
  7. Celebrating everything, enjoying the small accomplishments, moments and events, not only birthdays and anniversaries: completing that arduous task, appreciating someone’s help or thoughtfulness, celebrating nature, children, yourself, your partner, a clean bill of health or just because.
  8. Using the good china and crystal today and every day.
  9. Trips!  Road trips, train trips, boat trips, canoe trips, bus trips, hiking and biking trips, walking trips to a new part of town, and flights by plane…seeing new sights, meeting new people and discovering new things.
  10. Using heartfelt, creative or poetic language to capture an experience or thought – see Danette Relic’s blog The Drawing Board for a taste.
  11. Transforming It into an enchanting date: with yourself, your family, your friend, your partner.

Enchantment is all about creating a delightful experience for ourselves and others – one that stands out in our memories.  It is a joie-de-vivre and passion for life that is timeless and ageless, and reminds us of the beauty, joy and magic in and around us.

“An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love, and union with the world around us.” Thomas More