The Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

A few years ago, I heard a statistic that struck me – more people fear public speaking than death.   I wonder if it’s more about putting ourselves out there – standing in front of a group of people and sharing what we want to say – and that ultimately it’s the criticism, judgment, and rejection that we fear. Claiming your identity, what you want to do and say in the world can be scary, thrilling and empowering. And it’s always important. Putting yourself out there with your book, product, service, idea, or innovation can create a lot of heebie jeebies (or anxiety). Seth Godin blogs “Anxiety is nothing but repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance. What a waste. Perhaps and I have another perspective to offer which is that anxiety and confidence cannot co-exist.  I believe that anxiety is fabulously appropriate and to be expected when you’re reaching outside of your comfort zone. Self-growth and mastery happen when you feel it (anxiety), or fear, and do it anyway, like the title of Susan Jeffers book.

Personally, I do not self-identify as a writer or as a blogger although this is changing with time and practice as most roles do.  Launching this blog site and planning to write and post regularly are certainly pushing me out of my comfort zone and out into the web-wide world.  Writing does not come easily to me.  In fact, it’s quite arduous and the learning curve is steep both in terms of writing and technology.  But it becomes easier with each entry as I become familiar with the experience of writing and posting and discover that my entries will not explode upon impact (literally and figuratively).

Here are 5 things that inspire me to write and publish these blog entries:

  1. Having experience, knowledge and ideas that I want to share,
  2. Allowing people who are browsing my website to have a better sense of who I am, what’s important to me, and hear my voice,
  3. Loving the challenge,
  4. Feeling a sense of accomplishment with each blog entry I post,
  5. Noticing that my sense of self-consciousness is lessening the more I post my writing “out there”.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever before to put one’s writing out there, grow your writing skills and connect with other writers and bloggers.

Brenda Ueland’s book “If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit was published in 1938 and she wrote it as a philosophical and practical guide to writing.  Ueland was inspiring in other ways too, being physically active well into her nineties, walking 9 miles a day and setting an international swimming record for people over 80.

Here are some websites and blogs that offer tips on blogging:

So what will inspire and help you to step out and put your ideas out on the world stage?  We’re ready and waiting for you!