Inspirational at age 98 - and a coaching question...

Loved this story in today's news and had to spread the awe: “One Kansas woman is proving that life doesn't end at the age of 98, it's just beginning."

Nola Ochs made headlines three years ago when she became the world's oldest college graduate at 95.     On Saturday [May 15, 2010] she celebrated earning her Master's Degree [in liberal studies with a history concentration] from Fort Hays State University.

Nola says she's not stopping now. "There will be 5 openings for teachers’ assistant," Nola says. "Doctor Wilson says that if I apply for that I'll probably get it. That sounds good to me...I'd get paid for that."

Nola encourages everybody to not just reach their retirement age. "Seek another goal, something else you would like to do."

After the commencement ceremony, Nola rode off on a motorcycle to celebrate with classmates and family members.”                           Resource: The KSCW

Congratulations Nola Ochs! And thank you for giving all of us a powerful hit of inspiration, hope and awe.

I'd love to ask you this question:  What inspired you to start your college studies and what helped you stay motivated during your journey?

Your daring and courage are rippling Nola!