“I Love Failure”

A few months ago I was leading a workshop on job searching after the age of 50 and asked participants to try on different perspectives about it – for example the “I am Meryl Streep on a job search” perspective (that was a fun one), the “garden” perspective of job searching (the one most people picked), and the “I love failure” perspective. Well WOW! Didn’t that last one get a lot of reaction.  Most people expressed a resounding YUCK! It was emotionally laden and rich with beliefs about failing, failure and rejection.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard clients and workshop participants say that the idea of failure is terrible to them. And it's been a significant barrier for them - this fear of failure.

Having a PERSPECTIVE that failure is bad prevents us from being powerful, bold, courageous, innovative, and successful.  It prevents us from taking risks, growing and challenging ourselves.  Instead we play small and smaller.

Well what if you changed your perspective from “Failure is scary/bad/to be avoided” to the perspective of “I Love Failure?” Try that one on for size, how does it feel on?  What if you welcomed failure instead?

Imagine being emotionally, mentally and physically ready for any failure that came your way as you moved forward.

Imagine developing a positive relationship with failure in your life.

Imagine celebrating your failures: accepting them, learning from them and knowing what you will to do differently next time to succeed.

There won’t be any stopping you!