The Cross-Generational Search for Career Fulfillment and Life Purpose

Have you noticed how adults of all ages seem to be exploring their life purpose or searching for a satisfying career?  It seems to be striking across generations: The Cross-Generational Search for Meaning, Career Fulfillment and Life Purpose. Are you finding yourself in this situation?  Perhaps you are a(n):

- Young adult who has finished your studies, completed a diploma or degree and unsure of what career to pursue. -  Adult considering your 2nd or 3rd career and exploring "What’s next? What's important now? What will be fulfilling now?" -  Adult approaching your Third Age and considering changing your work lifestyle or ending your paid career, and exploring “What’s my life purpose NOW”?

Why is this happening?

  • People are living longer, sometimes 20 to 30 years past their paid careers.  Retirement is less about Rest & Relaxation and more about being an active participant.
  • There are more options, opportunities and choices.  Women and men can be anything they want to be.  You can study whatever you want. There are so many job & career hybrids, innovative programs and positions.  You may have to create the title of the profession/career that you want – it may not exist yet.
  • Changes are happening quickly – faster than ever.  Technological advances happen quicker than you can blink.  Change is the new constant.
  • Many companies and organizations are unable to offer the security they once did and the lifelong job hardly exists.  This means that we all need to continue learning, upgrading and networking to be ready for the next job or career change.

Chances are that there are several members in your family going through a career transition: into, between or out of career. The following list offers some general suggestions to help you with your career transition.

7 Tips For Your Career Transition:

  1. Collect stories, ideas and articles that pique your curiousity and adventure, and place them in a special binder/folder. If you find yourself getting excited when you read or hear about an item, there’s something worth exploring further.
  2. Connect with your local volunteer centre and explore opportunities to volunteer your time with a cause that connects you to your Life Purpose and a Passion you have.  You’ll give back, build your network, grow your knowledge and understanding, and earn “Planet Points” (see Susan Roane).
  3. Network with others who share a similar passion for your area of interest. Arrange an informational interview or conversation with someone who has experience in a group, organization or network that you’re exploring.
  4. Practice calm and renewal – change and transition take a lot of personal energy and resources.  Take time to blow off steam, exercise, play and enjoy yourself.
  5. Hire a coach if you’re finding yourself getting stuck.  Individual coaching or group coaching can offer you support, accountability, resources and positive energy that will help you move forward and maintain momentum.  Contact me if you’d like to discuss the options.
  6. Consider what you’ve learned from previous transitions that will help you with this one.  Notice what you’re learning from this transition to help you with future ones. You are your biggest resource and best expert on You.
  7. Explore what fulfills you in your leisure time because you’ll have more years to pursue it. It will offer you better life balance and ending your (paid) career will be easier for you since you’ll have wonderful things that interest you and light you up outside of work.

Finally, consider connecting with other generations in your family or social network and learning more about each others' career transitions.  There's a lot of wisdom, experience, resourcefulness, and information that is waiting to be shared between you.