What the Ick? Finding inspiration for health

What happens for you when you think of green powder drinks?  How about tofu? Brussel sprouts? Your health is a priority but eating brussel sprouts, not so much.

For years I’ve been trying to consume a green powder drink because I knew it was “good for me”.  It’s green, and I mean green, slimey, gooey and intense. I know of all its awesome benefits - its great nutrients, its powerful ingredients that are important for good health, energy, and vitality - superfoods, sea vegetables, spirulina, chlorophyll...you get the idea. It has the equivalent of 4-5 servings of vegetables & fruits, no small feat especially on days when you’re not eating well or feeling rushed. No one can argue that this stuff is the elixir of health.

Still, swallowing the stuff made me gag, grimace, and swear like a banshee if we’re going to be honest. Ick. I’d tried all types of self-coaching strategies and I was having a tough time sticking to it. I just couldn’t do it. Or so I thought.

Until one day last December when my 13-year old nephew was visiting and his 80-something-year-old grandparents suggested to him to try this green powder drink - 1 teaspoonful with juice. I thought there was no way this kid would do it, no way at all. But you know what, he did! Shocking!

He drank it.  This kid who eats pizza, egg rolls and cake over anything raw let alone green drank it. And then he said, “Yeah, it’s pretty good.”  Just like that - calm, cool, easy.

That registered. What he said hit me...that he thinks it’s pretty good.  He didn’t gag or grimace or make icky comments about it. He was more mature about this green drink than me - and that impressed me.

So I tried it again, 1 teaspoonful with juice, just like my nephew did. And it was fine - no gagging, no grimacing, nothing icky. This time it went down with a whole lot of inspiration, admiration and respect.

Cool kid - he kicked my inner gremlin out on its butt.  And I love that. Because my inner gremlin feels like a 13-year old kid who whines to adults and to the world about ickiness.

This wonderful young man had taught me something invaluable - something I can forget - that our teachers are all around us, all ages, all walks of life, all over, all the time.

And since then, I’ve been swallowing this green sludge like nothing and I keep adding more stuff to it - chia seeds, flax seeds, green juice, it looks like it’s ready to froth and foam. The trick has been to keep at it and be open to finding the way in. I’m grateful to my nephew that he showed me the way.

So where do you find your inspiration to be healthy and stay healthy? Wherever you are on your path to health, stay true to your vision, dreams and your goals and keep working to find ways, resources, support and inspiration to get there. And you will!