Clearing Your Way for an AWEsome New Year

This past week, I had lunch with a dear friend who, in addition to being an executive leader, has a discreet talent of offering "what's in store for you" readings that have become so popular she's often deluged at parties, long line-ups of eager folks waiting to hear what will unfold for them in the new year. Here are some other self-starter, DIY strategies that will clear your way to welcome Awe, Peace, and Possibility in the New Year. Clearing Your Energy. How is your mental and physical energy? Do you feel light, energized and positive? Clearing your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energies brings out your best self, and that feels AWEsome. Connect to what your mind, body and spirit are wanting and asking of you. Jim Loehr’s book “The Power of Full Engagementexplores the ebb and flow of our various energies and suggests ways to restore our sense of balance and wellness.

Letting Go. The new year is an opportune time to consider what lightens us or weighs us down. Notice which relationships, events, things, tasks, perspectives, approaches, routines, rituals, habits or anything else feel heavy or burdensome rather than life-giving and energizing. “Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity” by the creative SARK offers thoughtful words and strategies for letting go, especially the tough ones. Deciding what you will keep, change and toss is powerful, enLIGHTening and AWEsome.

Clearing Your Space. One of the best books I’ve come across that inspired me into action is Gail Blanke’s “Throw Out Fifty Things”. Her approach to clearing physical and mental clutter had me tossing and organizing my space in no time. Binders, books, papers and texts have been donated, shredded, recycled or reused. I’ve released the last layers of my former profession and committed to my current career. Aligning what is in our physical environment with our values and what we want for ourselves can only be AWEsome.

Evaluating Your Whole Life. What’s your level of satisfaction with each part of your life - your health, relationships with family and friends, career, finances? Great? So-so? Sucks? Is something rating 7 or 2 out of 10? Getting clear about your level of satisfaction helps to get clear about what you are choosing, and what you are not choosing. There’s a freedom that comes with taking responsibility for the choices we make. And that will bring you more moments of AWE.

Re-assessing goals & dreams. What needs tweaking, swirling and dippity-doing?  Which of your goals and dreams need tossing out? Which ones still excite and thrill you or need to be re-worked to keep moving you forward? Just in time for the New Year, the 121-Dreams Starter Kit is a beautiful resource to help you get clear about your dreams today. Re-connecting to your dreams and goals can help change aw-ful to awe-some.