Voice Within - Blog Update

It’s dusty grey out. The trees are bare, not barren or dead, just bare and naked. They look like they’re waiting for someone to wrap a bright, colourful scarf around their trunks and limbs or thread lights around their branches. Except really, they’ve gone inside. Their energy has withdrawn to do the quiet work. They’ve gone in to sleep and protect themselves from the cold and wind, from the elements, and wait for the whispers - the whispers of spring to call forth their rebirth and new growth. And during this drab grey of winter, we human beings are entrusted to find our patience. We will ourselves to find beauty, warmth, creativity and lightness from within while we wait for the trees to blossom and engulf us with their gifts. Indoors, with others, in comfy clothes or sitting by a fireplace, snuggled up in blankets, wool socks and slippers, having heated conversations, holding hands and sharing big bear hugs.

Like the weathering transition, this is where I find myself too, going inside to do my own quiet work and listening for the whispers as I transition my blogging voice and branch out into more creative and powerful ways of expressing my ideas and myself. I will be publishing intermittent blog posts and in the meantime, would love your feedback and thoughts about any of the following questions:

- What do you come back to my blog for?

- What do you want more of or what do you want me to write about?

- What was your favourite post?

- What was an insight that was useful or that was carried into your life?

- What questions do you have about career, retirement, health or life transitions?

Looking forward to your comments, ideas and suggestions...