A Tribute to Our Heroes of Construction

This is one in a series of tributes that recognizes and honours people experiencing transitions of all kinds: career, retirement, health, relationship, and various life stages. Your thoughts, comments and feedback are most welcome! For the men whose back-breaking responsibility built our roads, buildings, and cities, For the men whose end-of-work into retirement goes unappreciated, For the men who have no choice because their legs or backs are broken from years of heavy labour, For their raspy breath from toxic chemicals, and cigs to keep warm, For their calloused hands that constructed the drawings of architects and engineers, For their strength and toughness that scaled towering heights, For their endurance and determination to brave unimaginable weather, For the friendships they forged on the scaffolding yet may not survive retirement, For they have not had time to take a course, retreat or explore their dreams, For they have not known of leisure time that grows and exhilarates them, For their families who want to help and don’t know how to fill the cavernous space left behind, after work, For these men work so bone-breaking hard that their joints and organs wear out before they can know, What their spirits and hearts have been yearning for… I wish for you opportunities to pave the way for others with your expertise, I wish for you to mentor about the meaning of honour and conscientiousness, I wish for you an easy space to relax, shoot the breeze, and stay in touch with your buddies, I wish for you a list of concrete things to try, explore, and experience I wish for you a new set of blueprints with adventures and fun, I wish for you fresh ideas to reconstruct your life and a renewed life purpose, I wish that planning your leisure lifestyle is fulfilling and purposeful for you, I wish for you exciting new roles, professional and amateur, in your family and out there, I wish for you time, time for yourself to pause, and in that pause find that which is meaningful for you - now.