A Tribute to Seasoned Teachers

This is one in a series of tributes that recognizes and honours people experiencing transitions of all kinds: career, retirement, health, relationship, and various life stages. Your thoughts, comments and feedback are most welcome! That first time It hits like a bomb The Tuesday after Labour Day When September means not going back to school.

Teacher, you had everything ready Curriculum prepped - by month, week, day, Textbooks, readers, handouts, stickers, Desks ready for fresh note-paper and sharpened pencils. Walls coloured with inspiration, tips and ideas, Teacher, you readied it for us to accomplish, grow, To learn how to learn.

Now wizened from decades of experience, Seasoned with chalk residue on fingertips, You helped prepare generations of kids Launched them into their portfolio of careers, Into the world of Work.

Structured by school bells, subjects, and report cards, Respected role around the world, Then that first time, It hits like a bomb The Tuesday after labour Day Without a class.

No more school bells, not standing up in front, and now The day is wide open for your own learning. Who are you now? What are your dreams Teacher? What are you curious about now? New topics, new subjects, Teacher Retired 101 New habits waiting to be created and discovered, Enjoy this moment Teacher.

Remembering again Beginner again Beginners mind Feeling incompetent, To play, to explore, to create, to have pleasure, Just for you. How will you transition yourself Teacher, In this space where you have no knowledge?