A Tribute to Retiring SuperAthletes

This is one in a series of tributes that recognizes and honours people experiencing transitions of all kinds: career, retirement, health, relationship, and various life stages. Your thoughts, comments and feedback are most welcome! A Tribute to Retiring SuperAthletes

The quiet is torturous after the deafening cheers, roaring applause, the whoosh of speed rush of adrenaline screaming fans referees’ whistles gone Only the crushing wind blowing now.

Days of glory and sexiness You are the Dream You are the Fantasy your body invincible, muscles ripped, built like a machine made to win.

Athletically gifted super strong sheer stamina farther to fall farther for your soul to crash and splinter into shreds of humanness.

Unimaginable that one day Your superstar athleticism disappears, gone. No cheers no calls no contracts falling accolades falling out with your First Love the deafening silence of transition cold quiet inside like outside numbing the pain with pills, booze, reefer, sex.

Saying goodbye to the fierce physical competitiveness to your athletic family coach, team mates, competitors, locker room gabbing and bashing fist-bumping and high-fiving, cheering, hammering each other the way family do.

Your first career came easily, effortlessly, to you like the gift it was now you have to WORK to create, to know, your life purpose.

You knew this day would arrive no one to blame not even those who led you to believe the dream of forever somewhere in the shadow of your soul You knew one day it would haunt you That day is here.

Who is on your Dream Team now? Who is there to help you? Who is supporting you through this loss and agony? Who is your friend? Hang on to them, find more, You’re recreating yourself SuperStar.

Be strong and courageous Be the leader you are. The belief you had in yourself and your talent necessary to get to the top to overcome obstacles You trained your mind trained your body Coach didn’t do this You did this Coach gave you tools and you used them.

You have a special gift and you’re not special. You’re human You have a choice You have the opportunity to fall in love again with life with your family. To learn and know your values, at the core of you your real core. To challenge yourself in new ways, find new meaning find new ways to give back and give out.

Take your extraordinary gift, Your extraordinary training and train your mind anew Your powerful mind reached it succeeded once focus on the positive focus on your strengths create new habits create a new lifestyle focus on the goal Your next dream.