A Tribute to About-to-Retire Couples

Well hello! Welcome, Welcome! What’s your name again?

He: It’s your husband, or don’t you recognize me? I know it’s been a few decades since  we spent weekdays together full days - just us. When we lusted for each other even played hooky from work. 

Our home is actually her space She’s been nesting it, creating it, Cleaning it, dusting and decorating it, Creating memories for us,  Creating a sense of family in it I enter it as though I enter her It’s her private, sacred sanctuary Now where’s my place?

She: He works at the office works on the outside of our home I work on the inside of our home always have This is my work space The kids, they’re mostly grown and out (I hope) I want the same time and space for me Cooking meals that nourish me Puttering in the garden  Making calls and chatting with friends I’m scared of what I’ll be asked to give up.

We: How do we come together, again? used to being apart  for most hours of the day working in different places Reconnecting  if you can call it that at the end of days,  sometimes perfunctorily.

It’s a new beginning retiring from full-time workship  closing in on Elderhood, a time to re-evaluate  our togetherness to reflect on  who we are now,  each alone,  both together.

Who is he?  Who is she?  Who are we? How do we grow  each other, together?  Will we? How do we re-create our life? How do we begin to talk again?