A Tribute to Quarter-Centurians

You’ve travelled from the orange of childhood passed through the lime-green of teenage-hood rites of passage completed and now, past adolescence, into the deep ochre of adulthood.

Your book of life years old now dozens of thick blank pages open for you the blank empty pages waiting, beckoning. How will you fill their emptiness? How will you fill your emptiness?

Make-believe playtime gone silly-putty fun grown up into modest, muffled maturity, restrained responsibility composed calm commitments losing your inner innocence losing your child’s dependence losing your childhood dreams.

The heavy ink of should’s and supposed to’s: Supposed to have a job, Should know your career, Supposed to graduate with a diploma, Should be hired, then promoted, Supposed to be coupled with the love of your life, Should be engaged, maybe married, soon pregnant, Supposed to be toned, buff, vibrant, Should be driving a car, Supposed to be saving to buy your home, all by — now.

But wait! Whose markers and milestones are these? Yours? Your parents? Your culture? Your generation? Whose pages of dreams and hopes are these? Whose accomplishments and disappointments? Whose values, beliefs, successes, and failures?

What are your life’s markers? What if you have none, yet? What if your dreams have changed? Which of your dreams have changed?

It’s your job to change them It’s your job to create and re-create your life’s dreams, markers and milestones.

Other people are writing their stories they may be nearing the end of their book they may try writing yours filling your pages with their hopes and beliefs.

But it’s your job to write your story beginning a new chapter in your life turning pages of fresh new sheets of paper we all have to travel onto our blank page.

You are a carrier for Others’ dreams whether you know it or not you’ll disappoint Others will put their expectations on you sometimes lightly placed sometimes heavily loaded What will you say? What will you do? How will you be?

The invisible threshold of adulthood taking responsibility for who you are, and aren’t taking steps to heal your inner wounds and scars now that you’re aware now that you found them own them claim them as you step over.

How do you want to write this transition? Staying open and curious, Grounding yourself in calm, Connecting with your strength, Being adventurous and courageous. What do you want to hold on to? What are you ready to let go of?

So go on, pick up the pen heavy with ink and write out your life. Sometimes it will smear the words splotch the page stain the sheets beneath. Ah, what a magnificent manuscript you’re writing.