"Our Thoughts on Aging" Interview Project: January 2013 Update

It’s been two and a half years since I launched this project and I can hardly believe that 26 interviews are completed and three more are on their way to being posted on this blog. Whenever I’m contacted by a potential interviewee to let me know they’re interested in participating in the interview project, I’ve been thrilled, honoured, a bit surprised and eager to connect with them. When I began, I didn’t know how long each interview would take to set up, transcribe and then edited by the interviewee. With experience I can now say it takes a while! It takes time for me to transcribe each interview and it also takes time for each interviewee to edit their interview.

After speaking with friends and colleagues who have “researcher” amongst their roles, I realized that my initial dream goal of 100 interviews was fun and bold but that it's too large, will take too long and takes away from the momentum and aliveness of the already-completed interviews. Moreover, there’s already enough information for me to explore, reflect, synthesize and share my findings and experience from this project. This has been an important piece of learning — realizing that my initial goal was too big or broad and in evaluating the process and dream, I needed to re-adjust my goal.

To that end I’ve decided to work towards 40 interviews instead which means there are only nine interview spots left. Will you be one of these interviewees who participates and shares your “Thoughts on Aging, Death & Dying”?

Here’s a brief outline of how it works: 1. We have an initial chat via phone or Skype to answer any questions you have about the interview / process. If you decide you want to continue, we set up the interview for a future day and time. 2. The interview is conducted via Skype or phone — whichever is easier and preferable —and recorded. 3. You choose the level of privacy and confidentiality you wish. 4. I transcribe the interview and email the transcription to you. 5. You edit your transcribed interview. 6. I post your edited version on this blog, Life Changes.

Take a look through previous interviews to see the questions that you'd be answering with your thoughts on aging.

So will you volunteer to participate? If you’re interested, contact me at info@ruthtamari.com. I hope to hear from you!