The Unknown and the Opportunities with a Health Transition

One of the hardest parts of experiencing a health transition is the feeling that we are stepping into a huge Unknown and simply not knowing what might happen, what will be. This Unknown can be about our health, your body, our life, our support network, ourself.We can ask ourselves the “Why me?” “Why now?” questions and also be wondering “Who am I now?” or “Who will I be?”

In western culture, there is an automatic moving into action, moving into treatment, into doing something to deal with the physical symptoms and healing the physical parts of us that are ill or diseased.

Yet, we are also made of many other parts - our mind, our heart, our spirit - that are also going through this healing journey. Perhaps there is even something within us, something within calling on us to make a change in our lives, our relationships or ourselves so that we can heal and experience a sense of well-being or a sense of peace.

It might be time to approach our notion of health as more than our physical body and as illness as more than a diseased part of our body. It might be time to open up our notion of health as bigger than what we eat or do not eat or how much or little we exercise. It might be time to acknowledge everything that contributes to our sense of well-being: our relationship health, our financial health, our career health, our lifestyle health, our home and environmental health. It might be time to appreciate the incredible complexity of being human and that how we relate to our thoughts, our feelings, our body, our family, friends, colleagues and our planet are interconnected.

What if instead, we were to try on a new perspective and see illness or disease as an opportunity: What is “It” here to teach me? What am I learning from “It” ? Now that I have found out about “It”, what opportunity is present for me, for my life? What is possible now that wasn’t before “It” arrived?

Copyrighted 2014 Life Changes Blog, Ruth Tamari