What's special about turning 50? A lot.

Our upcoming Facing 50 workshop came about when Allyson Woodrooffe and I talked about turning 50 years old. We both felt that moving into this decade was an important milestone.


We have had our youth and young adulthood, and are now entering this thresh-hold between middle-aged adulthood and elderhood. What does it mean to leave our middle-aged years and become an Elder?

We noticed that there are few events with opportunities to discuss aging, especially for women who are faced with anti-aging everything. It’s time to acknowledge that moving into the 50s is something to be celebrated, not feared. It is an important milestone that hasn’t been recognized in our culture and one we need to, for ourselves and for the generations that follow ours. The negative stereotypes — Old Crone, Old Hag, Ageless Woman (I mean really, come on, ageless?) — continue to exist today, perhaps even more so. In the midst of ageism and negative attitudes about aging, we offer this workshop where we will explore this powerful decade in our lives.

We invite all of you who are approaching 50 or are in their 50s. Let’s connect in community and friendship, exploring our experiences and visions together. It’s time to re-frame this decade as a doorway into much more. Join us in Toronto on Sunday, November 12th. To find out more and to register, go to the Facing 50 event.