launching, launching, Launched!

We have launched! The Invitation is published!

As the book begins to head out into the world, I’m preparing: announcements, a book launch celebration and blog updates. The first-person stories of the participants’ interviews reveal their experiences with these taboo topics, at times surprising, humourous, inspiring and poignant. I’m also preparing myself. I’ve opened myself up in this book, exposing my own thoughts about aging, death and dying, which are normally kept quiet.

I’m expecting, and hoping, for a range of reactions from readers. Anything but silence.
I know there are people who are dying to read this book. It’s also too scary, too Raw, for some people, they’ve told me. Listen, it’s scary to read even when it’s your own story or your late family member. It’s scary to read this book about death and dying, even when you’re grieving. All this scared feeds the silence.

So I’m suggesting to you it can be scary, in a good way. It is scary with rich connection, with rich diversity in ideas, with rich insights, with rich experiences that are shared with you.

It’s Rich and Raw.