People died.

People died.

This book launch is bittersweet, not all the interviewees are alive to celebrate with me. Yes, people died during the writing of this book, five interviewees died this past year.


I've attended three funerals or celebrations of life, grateful when a family member or friend of the family invites me. Each time the service is about to begin, I weep. I can remember each person’s interview with their insights, the moments when they laughed or became pensive during our conversation. How fortunate we connected for this interview experience, and how sad that they are not able to read the book.

How grateful we can all be for the stories they shared and the wisdom they imparted about facing challenging times, about aging, death and dying. Their personal legacies are gifts they left to the world, available to each us. You can read about them in The Invitation: Rich and Raw Conversations about Aging, Death and Dying.

Rich and Raw.