Wishes coming true.

I have three wishes for this book.

Wish #1. The reader will be able to fit the book into their bag or purse, and take it with them on public transit.

Wish #2. The reader will find themselves thinking about their own aging, death and dying, and the people they love.

Wish #3. I wish that the reader will want to share the book with their family and friends.

Here’s how they are coming along.

I met a friend for coffee. She is a member of the creative team. As I sat down, there it was. The book was peeking out of her tote bag. I’m sorry now that I didn’t take a picture. She told me she’d read it on the streetcar on her way to meet me and she wanted to buy it for her mother.

Several others are saying they want to gift a copy: to their sibling, their friend, their brother-in-law, their parent(s). One participant sent me this message, "I was on the subway last night and I was asked, "Where can we get this book?" Let me know. I need to give away some copies."

A friend whom I have known for 25 years emailed, “The memories and emotions fade with time, at least it has for me with my mom’s passing. Wished I’d written it down when everything was fresh. I will try to now, and see what I remember.”

May more of these wishes come true!