Book Inspiration #1. "Take the Opportunity."

Book Inspiration #1. “Take the opportunity.”

Each interviewee offered insights that were honest, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant. In this new series, I’m going to share nuggets that inspired me.

Joel talked openly about serious challenges he experienced in his life and said something that stood out:

One thing I can say about myself is that when an opportunity presented itself, I took it, and I acted on it. You have to take advantage of opportunity. You have to actively be open to things and when they are there, take that chance.

Take the opportunity. Take the chance.

It makes me think of opportunities that were offered to me, the ones I accepted and went for and those I didn’t. When do we stay in our familiar comfort zone and not take the opportunities offered to us? What opportunities do we cast aside out of fear?

Travel when someone invites you.
Go to the party or networking event.
Go out on the romantic date.
Be the first one to say "Hello."
Take your body on a physical adventure.
Really explore the suggestion to study, work or live in another city or country.
Accept the invitation, to go to choir or improv or dance.
Start the scary conversation. Talk about the taboo topic.
Tell family and friends that you love them.
Express yourself.
Be the one to invite others.
Get up on stage. Sing, dance, deliver a speech or talk.
Take yourself out on a solo leisure date.
Have a conversation, about aging, growing older, death and dying. That’s an opportunity I wish everyone takes.

Take the opportunity. Take the chance. Oh yes.

Photo credit: Suresh Kumar on Unsplash

Photo credit: Suresh Kumar on Unsplash