Transitions and Life Coaching

Life and transition coaching is a transformative personal growth process that focuses on a change you’re wanting to make in your life and ultimately yourself.

The Coaching Process

Through life coaching, you’ll experience and integrate new knowledge about yourself as you work towards achieving meaningful goals. Knowing which stage(s) of transition you find yourself in is invaluable, empowering and oftentimes a relief! As a coach, I partner with you and hold you to your vision, dreams, goals, and action steps.

Coaching consists of intensive sessions when I will ask you powerful, sometimes challenging and unusual questions to evoke new perspectives, insights and self-awareness, and offer support, encouragement and motivation to take action.  We will co-create homework accountability in-between sessions to deepen your learning and sustain your forward motion. As a client, you will take time to reflect, take steps, discover strategies and solutions to obstacles, and integrate your learning as you move towards self-coaching or coaching yourself.

Coaching begins when you make the phone call to inquire. Contact me for a free 30-minute coaching consultation to discuss what you’re looking for and what you want to accomplish through coaching. We’ll have a chance to engage in a coaching conversation and we’ll talk about how we can work together. There’s no charge or commitment for this initial conversation.

“Ruth has given me invaluable guidance through a year of intense transition. I have learned tools and strategies that I will continue to apply to all areas of my life. I’m so excited to be moving into this new chapter, challenging personal preconceptions and knowing that I am beginning to live a life where all the facets reflect my core values.”
— Kathryn S.

Areas of Focus

Career and Work

  • You feel conflicted about whether to stay or leave your current career and looking for a process that will help you make a decision.
  • You have a dream work project that you want to accomplish and want accountability and support to see it realized.
  • You want to create a healthier relationship with work and have more balance in your life.


  • You are ready to plan a successful, positive and healthy retirement transition.
  • You want to create a fulfilling, sustainable lifestyle that includes purposeful work, robust finances and meaningful leisure.
  • You feel anxious about the impact of retirement on your relationship and want to take proactive steps as an individual and/or couple.
  • You have concerns about your social network and want to develop new friendships and deepen existing ones.
  • You want to address your fears, worries and concerns about retirement.

Health and Wellness

  • You feel distressed by a new health diagnosis and find it difficult to accept this new normal and who you are now.
  • You have a health issue(s) and want to be healthier but find yourself stuck and resisting making changes.

Life Stages and Transitions

  • You’re going through a life stage — quarter century, mid-life, menopause, empty nest — and it is uncomfortable, sad and frustrating.
  • Your birthday is approaching and you’re anxious about getting older, feeling that life is unfulfilling or wondering “Is this it?”


“I met with Ruth at a particular time in my life when I needed change. I realized that I had fallen into an 8 to 5/ Monday to Friday trap. I was so convinced I was “lucky” to have a full time job that I didn’t allow myself to challenge my ideas and perspectives. I started by complaining to her until she smoothly shifted my thoughts away to visualize myself out of my comfort-job. By the end of my third session I decided to go cubicle-less. My life after that has taken me to various places. In simple words, I found my balance between work and my personal life…and I found it by not separating them.”
— P.G.