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ReDesign Your Life For Retirement Online Course - Fall 2018

Are you quickly approaching retirement or “retired and unfulfilled” and wondering what's next?

Most people do not realize just how challenging retirement is, especially in western culture where work is so important for many of us, sometimes more than family and health. Retirement can bring change to almost every aspect of our life: purpose, meaning, roles, prestige, routine, home, finances, leisure, relationship, friendships, health. It’s also when we begin to enter elderhood which can be threatening in a society that stigmatizes aging and condemns old age.

During this 8-week interactive course,  we'll explore the various stages in the retirement transition process, with tools and strategies to help you navigate successfully. You'll explore your personal beliefs and attitudes about work, leisure and retirement, and clarify what a meaningful, fulfilling lifestyle means to you. You will experience the richness and creativity of visioning, as you imagine new dreams and new possibilities for this life stage. Join us for an exciting journey of exploration and re-invention!

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Explore beliefs, fears and stereotypes about retirement and aging,
  • Clarify your new life purpose in this life stage,
  • Commit to weekly accountability that keeps you in action and motivated,
  • Discover and learn through interactive discussions, experiential exercises, and reflective exploration,
  • Collect a rich library of resources about the retirement transition,
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals going through the experience of retirement, and,
  • Participate in life long learning and personal growth.

What participants have said about the class:
“This was a very unique topic, not found anywhere else.”
“Each week was a very pertinent, interesting topic that really caused me to re-think and appreciate my life.”
“It made me aware that I was not alone in looking to redesign my life.”
“Excellent and inspiring experience. I met a lot of very interesting people and I think I have made a few friends.”
“I wish this (class) could go on and on, and…”
I am very fortunate to have taken this course!! And I feel better prepared to face life’s challenges.”
“The class will change you — you will start to recognize the person in the mirror.”
“I came to the class as a “facts and figures” person and I learned to move comfortably outside that and to think deeper.”
“I gained a clear path through the confusion I came with at the start of the class.”
Participants continue to contact me years after they completed the course to share exciting news and updates. They felt authentic and aligned with their core values dreamt anew, took steps outside their comfort zone, realized their vision and/or their legacy, created new friendships and deepened existing connections with their spouse and loved ones.


Dates:  8 Tuesdays starting September 18 - November 6, 2018
*Each participant will have a 60-minute pre-course coaching conversation and a 60-minute  wrap-up after the course to discuss Next Steps and develop a personalized action plan.

Time:  6:30-8:00 pm EST, 4:30-6pm MST, 3:30-5pm PST

Cost: $400 Cdn, plus HST taxes where applicable

Registration:  Email Ruth Tamari at to schedule the 60-minute coaching conversation to prepare for the course, answer any questions and register with Ruth.

Minimum 5, maximum 10 participants.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an email to

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